Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recall bad for San Jose? - No way!

Source: San Jose Mercury News

As the city struggles with grave economic challenges, the recall will distract residents and swing the spotlight back to a conflict that many see as bizarre. Who can forget the image of the aged hunger striker on City Hall plaza last winter, risking his life for the sake of a shopping district name? For Little Saigon advocates, this was a triumph. Others felt embarrassed for him.

No! It's not bizzare. It's very important. Fighting the name change from "Saigon Business District" to "Little Saigon" may seem petty and unimportant to many people but it was very important. Saigon Business District means nothing. Once the name goes up the Communists and their millions could claim the district for themselves and the community would be fucked. The name "Little Saigon" is famously known for being the neighbourhood of South Vietnamese and therefore could never be confused for being bought by the communists.

As for Madison Nguyen, the Vietnamese people of San Jose elected her and she's ignored them. She should be supporting the community and at worst being neutral about the situtation. She of all people should know that anything anti-vietnamese community and she would be automatically be branded a communists (true or not).

But she was too naive to recognize the plight of the situation and continued to stand in the way of these protests. For this reason the people don't support her anymore. They could have waited til the next election where she would lose for sure but they are so mad that they want to recall her NOW!

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