Monday, October 13, 2008

Many Asian-American voters still uncommitted

Here are some Asian-American statistics as the election is exactly 3 weeks away.


More than half have no party affiliation, and in this presidential election 34 percent of those who are likely to vote still haven't made up their minds.

A new study, the National Asian American Survey (, digs more deeply into the political life of Asian-Americans than previous polls and gives insights that could help candidates reach out to the fast-growing groups, despite some of the challenges that would involve.

Overall, the study found 41 percent of Asian Americans are likely to vote for Barack Obama, 24 percent support John McCain and 34 percent are undecided.

Vietnamese-Americans backed McCain over Obama 51 to 24 percent.

Among Japanese-Americans, 60 percent supported Obama, as did 53 percent of Asian Indian-Americans.

Chinese-Americans backed Obama 41 percent to 12 percent for McCain, but 43 percent were undecided.

Filipino, Korean and other Asian-Americans were closely divided, slightly favoring Obama, but many were undecided.

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