Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kim Ng, baseball pioneer

Kim Ng is the assistant GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As you see she's broken many barriers and continuing to advance in the baseball world. This week she was one of 8 candidates for the vacant Seattle Mariners GM job but I knew it would be a long shot. The Mariners finished near bottom of the American League with a big payroll. There's alot of dead money in that organization with guys like Sexson and Beltre not fulfilling their huge contracts. It was clear to me that they needed an experienced GM to blow this team up and start from scouting and the draft.

Kim Ng didn't get the job. It was clear she wasn't experienced enough as she is an executive and not a scout (which is what the Mariners need).

Then I run into these asinine comments from Angry Asian Man:

Aw man. Man! After all the hope and hype, it looks like Kim Ng will not be the Seattle Mariners' new general manager. On Wednesday, Jack Zduriencik was named the team's new GM.

Who the heck is Jack Zduriencik? And how the hell do you pronounce his name? Zduriencik has been with the Milwaukee Brewers organization for nine years, most recently serving as their vice president and spec.... zzzzzz.

Sorry. I've lost interest. My level of curiosity concerning upper management hiring in Major League Baseball just took a massive nosedive. I guess we'll have to wait a little longer to see baseball's first female, Asian American general manager.

I'm sorry buddy but using your own words: THAT RACIST. Making fun of someones name isn't nice you know.

And either you're a baseball fan and you're not. You can't just watch Asians. Are you watching the World Series in full or are you just searching the internet to see if Iwamura made headlines and then wank off to it? I got Philly to win the World Series and the series is tied 1-1 now. Hopefully this will improve the dismal ratings and people will tune into a great series.

I want to see Asian women succeeding on merit and not given a big job because of who they are. She's just not ready. She's 40 years old and needs more experience scouting high school and college players. She's not the GM the Mariners are looking for right now but jusr being a candidate and being interviewed in an amazing accomplisment.

And who is Jack Zduriencik you say?

Here's a resume

Jack Zduriencik file
The new Mariners executive vice president and general manager will be introduced at a news conference Friday at Safeco Field.

Age: 57.

Name is pronounced: zur-EN-sik.

Coaching career: Football and baseball coach, Austin Peay (1975-77); Clairton High School (Pittsburgh, 1977-80); Tarpon Springs (Fla.) High School (1980-82).

New York Mets: Area scout, 1983-89; national crosschecker, 1990, 1994-95; director, minor-league operations, 1995-98; special assistant to the GM, 1998.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Director of scouting, 1991-93.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Director, international operations, 1998-99.

Milwaukee Brewers: Director of scouting, 1999-2006; special assistant to the GM/director amateur scouting, 2006-08; vice president, special assistant to the GM for player personnel, 2008.

Halls of Fame: Pennsylvania American Legion Hall of Fame, Lawrence County (Pa.) Hall of Fame.

Education: Bachelor's degree in education from California University of Pennsylvania and a master's degree in physical education from Austin Peay State University.

Oh I forgot, you fell asleep already. I won't bore you with any more details.

I'll still keep my eye on Kim Ng. I hope she gets a GM job within 10 years but it will be a tough struggle. She has to stay with a classy organization like the Dodgers and keep learning.

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