Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain Supported For Being a Hero

Source: LA Times

There have been many many articles about McCain and the word "gook"
Asians seem to be outraged except one group. Vietnamese-Americans.

If the slur was so bad wouldn't the Vietnamese be up in arms protesting.
They're not because they hate the North Vietnamese that McCain was referring too as much as anyone.

I keep hearing "McCain is racist against Asians by using that term"
That's ridiculous. You can't be racist against Asians by using 1 term. Asians is such a broad term you would need many slurs and many negative actions to be racist.

Maybe the other Asians should lay off throwing racist accusations around eh? The Vietnamese are not insulted and you shouldn't be either.

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Anonymous said...

I seriously hope you are being sarcastic with your comment.

The Vietnamese who support McCain are like the Cubans who support Bush. They are both exiles and losers. They sold out their country to the white man during the Vietnam war, of course they wouldn't be offended at a racial slur! Why would they? They already sold their souls when they threw their lot in with the white man to kill their own people.

On top of this, "gook" is a racial slur from Korea, which can be applied to any other racial group. Vincent Chin was called "jap" before he was killed.