Friday, October 10, 2008

Canadian migrants smarter than Canadian-born students

A recent study has shown that more children of immigrants in Canada have university education than non-immigrant Canadian-born children, reports the Globe and Mail.

The study, which was based on Statistics Canada 2001 census data, found that second-generation Asian-Canadian women aged 25-37 years old have over double the amount of university degrees compared with non-immigrant Canadian-born women of the same age.

The study also revealed that second-generation immigrants aged 25-37 years earned six per cent more than their non-immigrant Canadian-born counterparts, and that 44 per cent had at least 16 years of education (compared with 30 per cent of non-immigrant Canadian-born residents of the same age).

The highest number of women employed in the country came from the second-generation immigrants group aged 25-37 years, at 72 per cent, and immigrant parents with less education were more likely to have highly educated children (which was opposite to findings in non-immigrant families).

"The study offers a more precise picture of where discontent and disengagement might arise in Canadian society," said Miles Corak, a University of Ottawa professor and author of the study.

The study shows positive results for Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC), which has been working hard to improve and streamline the immigration system so that more foreign workers will move to Canada.


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