Monday, December 29, 2008

University sends UFO course into deep space

Source: Independent Online

Hong Kong - A UFO group in Hong Kong has condemned the city's largest university for cancelling a course on ufology because, it said, of faculty objections to the subject.

The course was set to begin last September as an optional subject for University of Hong Kong students in a joint project between the university and the Hong Kong Institute of Ufology, local newspaper Apple Daily reported on Monday.

The course was delayed and discussions were held on offering it at a later date after some academics expressed reservations about its content, Moon Fong, a committee member of the institute, told reporters.

Really? If you were a parent would you let your kid take a UFO course? Can you have a course in something that is not an exact study? Would it be a GPA booster?

I might take this course cause it sounds fun! But I can also see the point the institution for not allowing it.

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