Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Honey, I've lost you in a game of cards

Source: AsiaOne

A MOTHER of two young children has gone into hiding after her husband wagered her in a card game and lost.

Worse, she only found out that she had been wagered when the four men who had 'won' her showed up to collect their booty on 19 Dec, reported the Times of India.

Instead of defending his wife, Mr Sokendra Kumar, a resident of Muzaffarnagar in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh simply told her: 'Tumko hum juen mein haar gaye hain (I have lost you in the game of cards).'

Fortunately for his wife, her screams drew the attention of their neighbours, who rushed in to prevent the men from dragging her away.

In the confusion, the four men fled.

That's gambling. You can gamble away anything. Ever see those old HK movies? They bet houses, wives, arms, hands, and their own life. But of course that's just the movie.

The most troubling part is the following.

When questioned, station officer Vijay Kumar confirmed that the woman had approached the police, but said that it was a domestic dispute.

He said: 'It was found to be a false allegation and the issue was only limited to a domestic dispute and she went home.

Police never help anyone in these places and it shows how little rights women have. If you bribe the police they'll look into it. But of course all the bribing money has been gambled away! Even the utensils!

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