Saturday, December 27, 2008

NewSpeak TV at Anime Expo 2008 Cosplay

Cosplay - short for "costume play", is basically describing a performing-art behavior of self-rigging out as a character.

There are some wild costumes at in this video. People put in alot of work in their costumes. Duct tape/cardboard technology!

Youtube Link

I went to Otafest a few times when it was small. It was interesting but I'm not that big of an anime fan and seeing a 300-pound white guy dressed as sailor moon made my decision not to attend the following year alot easier. To my surprise, it's gotten alot bigger with 4,278 attendees and guests! I might have to check it out next year.


Roger Williams said...

More proof that humanity is decadent and depraved, and that we should all be exterminated like roaches.

Except for glasses girl. She can interview me any old time.

Russ Nelson said...

Annoyingly, I can't view embedded youtube videos. I need a link to the video on youtube, and then I can watch it.

Degenerasian said...

Russ: Really? You're probably not the only one. I'll add a Youtube Link below every embedded link.