Thursday, December 18, 2008

China's internet 'spin doctors'

Source: BBC

China is using an increasing number of paid "internet commentators" in a sophisticated attempt to control public opinion.

These commentators are used by government departments to scour the internet for bad news - and then negate it.

They post comments on websites and forums that spin bad news into good in an attempt to shape public opinion.

Chinese leaders seem aware that the internet - the only public forum where views can be freely expressed - needs close attention.

China's Communist Party leaders have long sought to sway public opinion by controlling what the media can report.

That policy was extended to the internet, and many websites are blocked by a system sometimes dubbed the "great firewall of China".

I wouldn't mind this job. Going around and bashing people who disagree with me :)

Seriously, this is very bad. All countries have good and bad things about them. China continues to hide all that is 'unpleasant" and it can only do harm in the end as people are not allowed full information. You can't make good decisions when you only know one side of the story.

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