Wednesday, December 3, 2008

632-Meter Shanghai Tower Will Spin Towards The Sky

Source: The Design Blog

Completing the trio of new super-tall towers, the Shanghai Tower is gonna be the highest skyscraper in China. Standing tall at 632 m, the Shanghai Tower accommodates numerous offices, a luxury hotel and retail and cultural venues, together with three floors of underground parking. The Shanghai Metro connects the building to the city. Enclosed with the inner layer of the double-skin facade, the Tower is comprised of nine cylindrical buildings heaped one on the other. While the building cover or the second skin is finished with a triangular exterior layer that swivels as it gets higher. The Shanghai Tower also features nine foyer sky gardens, developed between the two facade layers. The other two structures of the trio are the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower located in the Luijiazui Finance and Trade Zone.

WooooooooooW. Shanghai's skyline is always changing with buildings going up at an insane pace. And a Helicopter pad too! That's nuts!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy,
I wondered what happened to your Asian Wild Rose site, now I've found you again and linked you back up.
Thanks for keeping my link on your site the whole time.

Not sure I understand the benefit of a building that spins around. At 632 meters the view out your window will pretty much just be blue sky the whole way around. Interesting gimmick though


Degenerasian said...

Hi Mike!

Yeah the Asian Wild Rose site was a joint project with a bunch of writers and it just didn't work out. I've taken that template and started this one.

Now I get free reign and get the post anything I want (which can be both good and bad)!

China is full of gimmicks these days. It just wants to prove it has a bigger dick then everyone else :)

Hope you're doing well. I enjoyed you article on fresh breath!