Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taxi Strike

Source: BBC

Taxi drivers have gone on strike in the southern city of Chaozhou, the latest in a wave of protests across China.

Drivers say they are angry that nothing has been done about unlicensed cabs operating in their city.

The industrial action follows strikes in other cities that turned violent before officials bowed to irate drivers' demands.
Earlier this week, about 100 drivers threw bricks at unlicensed taxis in the province capital Guangzhou.

Drivers elsewhere in China have taken similar action this month, damaging at least 20 vehicles, including three police cars, in Chongqing and attacking 15 cars in Sanya.

Cool! Not like in North American where a strike is peaceful and the most you can really do is hold up picket signs. In China they're destroying the opposition and police! Awesome!

The solution is simple. Hello Kitty Taxis :)


Russ Nelson said...

Uhhhhh, strikes aren't peaceful here in North America, poo. They're backed up by the violence of the state. Even so, you'll still see scabs harassed, their cars keys, windows broken, etc.

Degenerasian said...

I thought unions were civil and there weren't supposed to be any scabs.

Ok correction: Strikes are peaceful in CANADA.