Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asian Ripoff X - Video Game Edition

We've made it to TEN!

For Asian Ripoff X here are the ten worst video game renditions of popular songs. I realize that the sound chip wasn't great in the 80s but this stuff is awful!

#10 Family Feud (SNES)

#9 Raiders of the Lost Ark (SNES)

#8 Back To The Future (NES)

#7 Jeopardy (NES)

#6 Addams Family (NES)

#5 Michael Jackson (SEGA)

#4 Ghostbusters (NES)

#3 James Bond (SEGA)

#2 Star Wars (NES)

And by far the worst you'll ever see! Promise this will make you cry.

#1 ET (Atari)

Hope you're not deaf now! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

never mind the sound, check out those awesome graphics!
I cant imagine why anyone thought it was a good idea to make a game about michael jackson rescuing small kids trapped in closets when it came out, but thats just creepy now