Monday, November 24, 2008

Sexuality Has Little To Do With Dressing

Source: New Straits Times

Can you tell a person's sexuality by the way he or she dresses?

Shiraz (pictured above), 43, who's been happily married for 18 years and is a doting mother of two beautiful girls, is a New Straits Times Press photographer.

A big part of her wardrobe is made up of shirts and pants.
"Dressing like this is just more convenient. As a photographer, I sometimes have to climb up to high places or get wedged in tight spots just to get that perfect picture.

But Muslim women like Shiraz may soon lose their freedom to dress as the National Fatwa Council has ruled that tomboyish behaviour is forbidden in Islam.

That's a rather unusual ruling. Islam does technically require most of the body to be covered, but it doesn't specify how and it doesn't prescribe a punishment for not covering up.

So how can the judge get away with such a ruling and how they assume that dressing like a boy means homosexuality.

Tomboyish behaviour is forbidden in Islam

Really? I'd like to see what the definition of tomboyish is. Perhaps purposely acting like the opposite sex is frowned upon but I don't think that's what tomboyish means.

There are too many assumptions in this ruling and once again they're using Islam to hide behind and by interpreting it incorrectly, it casts a bad light on the religion as a whole.

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