Friday, November 28, 2008

Samsung's new touchscreen LCDs for your public smudging

Source: Engadget

The new touchscreen from Samsung. It's part of its new TS series of Magicinfo LCDs targeting businesses and digital advertising markets. The LCD panels measure 32-, 40-, 46-, 70-, and 82-inches and can be linked together to form a massive touch experience.

Men: Lots of things to touch here!


Elver said...

Why is she not wearing any pants?

Anonymous said...

If you touch her legs, pants will appear. It's a new feature.

Elver said...

Oh. Must be the new service pack god installed on women.

It's kinda annoying that he's playing around with such high-tech features like touch-activated pants, instead of fixing bugs that have been around for ages. Things like women's lack of logic and common sense :P

Degenerasian said...


If you paid more attention to us instead of making 80" LCD screens you discover that we make perfect sense all the time. :)

Unknown said...

Huh? What were you saying, degenerasian? I wasn't paying attention....I was busy looking at that big screen... ^ ^

Just kidding. We have something like this in the lobby of our office towers for the building directory. I'll shoot it Monday and send you a pic.

Thanks for the entry. "See" you on Twitter (and I promise to pay more attention, next time! ^ ^)