Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gong Li Is Now Singaporean!

Source: Yahoo!

And some are PISSED off about it.

"All traitors will be nailed to history's mast of shame. We should resolutely reject any further contact with such people," one person said in a chat forum on the popular portal Sohu.com.

So that means no more of Gong Li's cleavage in Chinese films.

The move requires her to forsake her Chinese citizenship, and the decision triggered some fierce condemnation of the 43-year-old star

This is the problem right here. Why does China not accept dual-citizenship?
Are there other countries with similar rules and if so why?


Martin-Éric said...

In international Law, dual-citizenship is th exception, more than the norm.

Some countries even refuse to let their citizens relinquish their citizenship at all.

In a few case, the country in question will turn the other cheek if one of their citizens dares acquire another citizenship. In other cases, you're essentially guilty of high treason and good for immediate jailing if you ever visit the country again. A minority of countries have half-way solutions as treaties signed with friendly nations to allow their citizens to be taking a "prolonged leave of absence and assuming duties abroad" which is an indirect way of saying that they'll tolerate them acquiring a new citizenship, so as long as they use their birth citizenship's passport whenever visiting their ancestral land.

Martin-Éric said...

PS: in Canada's case, you're allowed to relinquish citizenship, but only if you already acquired a new one or if acquiring a new one will explicitly require renouncing any other prior citizenship. In any case, they won't let someone renounce citizenship without explanation e.g. as a form of civic protest. In a typical nanny-state fashion, Immigration Canada explicitly reserves itself the right to turn down someone's request to renounce citizenship, if they feel that it would be against the individual's interest.

To my knowledge, the only countries that allow someone to unilaterally renounce citizenship are UK and US.

Degenerasian said...

Thanks Martin-Eric for the information.

Ok I understand countries not wanting people to leave, or not wanting people who have left to come back.

What I don't understand is forcing a person to relinquish his original citizenship for the new one. I don't see the logic or advantage of that especially in the year 2008.

It is just a case of patriotism?
Having to give up everything to be one of us?

Roger Williams said...

Some countries are still sensitive to the question of "divided loyalties", especially when they receive a large number of new potential citizens from countries with whom they have lukewarm or even bad relationships.