Friday, November 7, 2008

Remaking a Korean Show Is NOT A Bad Thing


The hit MBC Drama, ‘My Name Is Kim Sam Soon,’ starring Kim Suna and Hyun Bin, will be hitting the small screen across America.

NBC procured the rights to the Korean drama to be remade into a prime time series that will air sometime in 2009.

And of course Koreans are going apeshit over it. I'm not sure what's scarier, the article itself or the comments that follow.

You guys need to chill out! It's not about you! You're not the targeted audience.

You watch remade shows on US tv all the time. Deal or no Deal, Ugly Betty, American Idol, The Office, Weakest Link (japanese).

Even old shows like Three's Company, All in the Family and Sanford and Sons were remakes.

I'm sure the originating countries of these shows aren't super thrilled about it either but they accept it and it actually helps the original show. I had never heard of The Office but now I love both the American and British versions.

When Infernal Affairs came out, I told my friend about it but they didn't bother.
the reply was "Blah, I don't like Asian films".

Then this conversation happened:

Friends: The Departed was awesome, movie of the year by far.
Me: It's a remake of Infernal Affairs, told you it was good.
Friends: really? I'll have to go check it out now.

This same conversation happened with Shall We Dance too.

And to say American has run out of idea is ludicrous. How about 24, Prison Break, Heroes, Lost, House, Fringe, Entourage, CSI on and on and on.

And as is also posted in the comments. Korea isn't exactly original. Not original at all.

The point of remakes is to open new ideas to different people. Alot of Americans would enjoy a Korean soap. But if you don't remake it, they will never see it.

So get off your high horse and be happy that American tv has time in their busy schedule to fit in your sappy dramas :)

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