Sunday, May 3, 2009

The9 prepping WoW-clone World of Fight

Source: WoW Insider

You have to give Chinese company The9 a bit of credit. The loss of such the publishing rights to World of Warcraft would have destroyed lesser companies, it just made them teeter on the brink of bankruptcy. Now they're back -- with World of Fight.

The teaser site went up earlier in the week and reeks of WoW in a way that only Chinese knock-offs can. At the moment we know next to nothing about the game but we can certainly guess. The domain name ( is suspiciously similar to the one for World of Warcraft ( but with one letter changed. Just look at that font, remind you of anything?

It's not a stretch to bet that The9 are hoping to attract people who associated them with WoW, but I'm pretty sure Blizzard won't be too happy to see their former publisher in Asia trying to promote a game so similar. We'll certainly keep you updated as I'm quite keen to see what World of Fight looks like.

World of Warcraft's Chinese publisher lost the rights to produce WoW in China. So did they give up?


They just decided to make a knock off! :D

Goodbye World of Warcraft ... hello "World of Fight"!

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