Sunday, May 3, 2009

Anger as 70 Mexicans quarantined in China

Source: Yahoo

Mexican diplomats complained bitterly to China on Sunday saying about 70 of their countrymen had been placed under quarantine despite showing no signs of swine flu.

As Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa called the action "unjustified" and warned Mexicans against visiting China, Ambassador Jorge Guajardo was refused access to 10 people held at Beijing Guomen Hotel.

"We are objecting to the fact that they are holding Mexicans in isolation for fear that they might have the flu virus, even though they have no signs of having the flu virus," Guajardo told reporters.

Guajardo engaged in a brief stand-off with a Chinese official at the hotel, who initially blocked access, but later let in the ambassador without allowing him to see the group.

The ambassador said several of those held in China had no connection with the Shanghai-Hong Kong flight which carried an infected Mexican man -- Asia's first confirmed swine flu case.

"There are people here who arrived on a plane from Newark on Continental Airlines. There are other people who arrived from Los Angeles that are being quarantined," he said.


Now that's racist! China has their head so far up their ass and are so worried about being blamed for this disease that they will locked up Mexicans and foreigners in hotels to make sure nothing spreads.

It's fine that they want to take precaution that nothing will spread but you can't just lock people up because they're Mexican and have nothing to do with Mexico!

Don't worry China, no one is blaming you for this. You don't have to freak out and be afraid that "the perfect society" will be affected. Just take it easy and stop abusing people!

Swine Flu: China Quarantines Mexicans, Chinese Reactions

Just when I need reminding how brainwashed and stupid people in China are.


David said...

LOL this comment was my favorite

"Roll off back to Mexico!
Influenza has an incubation period, and even our own people are in quarantine, so what makes you so special?! What’s more, the first case within China was one of you Mexicans! If you hadn’t come, China’s number of infected and suspected cases will still be at zero!!!!!"

They're so dumb.

Anonymous said...

You're telling someone to piss off their own blog? It's not like you she went on your blog and you're telling her to leave. You Chinese think you can censor anyone?

Roger Williams said...

A hint for China's angriest little flamer: calling a woman a "cocksucker" isn't a very effective riposte. I'll leave it as an exercise to JYM to see if he can figure out why.

Bella Leung said...

"Just when I need reminding how brainwashed and stupid people in China are. "

That's rough.

It was just a few years ago that the Chinese were targeted for SARS and received hostile treatment from America when stepping off the airplane.

Degenerasian said...

Bella: I was talking more about public opinion than government action. Some of the comments are actually telling Mexicans in general to go home and never come back.

Hostile treatment when stepping of a plane is questionable but somewhat understandable in a situation like this. However, rounding up ANYONE with a Mexican passport in their own houses who haven't travelled is deplorable. Can you imagine if during SARS they just came to your house and took you away?