Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Japanese 'Buddha phone'

Source: Crave

The Odin 99 has landed on the streets of Japan, and a single tap of the phone's dedicated lotus-leaf button will load a private, customisable, animated altar.

The idea is to allow Buddhists to perform their dedications and rituals conveniently when away from home. You can simulate incense burning, purification rites and play music to help you meditate wherever you happen to be.

As far as our knowledge goes of inventions that seamlessly converge religion with phone calls, this takes the gold medal. Gold paint has been taken to the phone too, encrusting the otherwise conventional-looking device. Also interesting is that it comes with a metal Buddhist charm to be carried by the user, and two batteries -- the extra one considered 'a gift'.

That's pretty cool to be able to listen to chants at anytime. It could calm a person down uring the times they get really pissed off!

Of course I'm never sure what they're chanting. Sounds like "a la ba la a la ba uuuuummm" to me :)

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