Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Vietnamese 8th Graders are new Linux users

Source: SaigonNezumi

With just less than one month left of class, I decided to see if my 8th Grade students at the American International School in Saigon would be interested in learning Linux. I am glad I tried because these kids seemed to be having a lot of fun.

This week I just wanted them to learn the basic Linux command line. Since the school only uses Windows XP, I worked with the IT staff and got Putty installed on all of the student computers. They then used Putty and and secure shelled to my Easy Peasy Ubuntu Netbook. I just created one generic username and password for my 8th Graders. Next week they will all get their own accounts on my Netbook. I just wanted them to get a feel of Linux first.


That's pretty cool. Something that can only be done in small class with private teachers. In Canada, I don't think Linux is taught in junior high cause everything is Winblows!

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