Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jamaica: Myth about Japanese women

Interesting viewpoint of a Japanese women in Jamaica

Source: Weh Miss Chin Seh?

Ok, I'm going to write a little bit embarrassing myth about Japanese women. It is said that "Japanese women are poplular among Jamaican men". And because of this myth, even when I was in Japan, whenever I said "I'm interested in Jamaica", it was interpreted as "I'm interested in Jamaican men". And of course it happens in Jamaica, too. But how true of this myth? Are Japanese women are really popular among Jamaican men? -No, I don't think so.

Calling "Miss Chin!" on a road is just a sign that someone is recognizing a Asian woman's presence. It's the same as calling "Browning!" or "Mammy!" or "Beautyful!". There is no deep meaning in it. This is not a come on.

When someone says "Come ya!" on a road, the person is just calling you to talk. Generally, Jamaican people are more open to communications with strangers. They are curious. Especially the people who sit on a streetside all day are bored. They just want to talk with somebody. This is not a come on, either.

Then, what about a man who says "Mi like yu" on a road. How long has the person known you? Two seconds? How could you go with a person whom you barely know?

A man who comes up and says "You come here for big anaconda,eh?" Do you find him appealing? He is just mocking you. So whenever someone says this to me, I stare at his crotch, put my hand on my hip and say "Im dead or wha? Mi no see notten between yu leg! Though mi see dem big one inna Japan" and walk away. This anaconda talk is not a come on. It's funny though.


I think she's handling it quite well. They are so laidback in Jamaica. Maybe she could loosen up a bit and take one of these nice men on their offer :)

"You come here for big anaconda, eh?" Smoooooth :)

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