Saturday, May 30, 2009

Little Saigon Coffee Shop is the New Hooters

Source: laist

Say you're a guy that likes attractive Vietnamese gals. You also have a passion for caffeine. You've no doubt been frustrated, and said to your friends time after time, "geez, when will Garden Grove get a Vietnamese coffee shop that offers more sex appeal than Starbucks' green aprons?" Time to get happy. Cafe Di Vang 2 is the spot. They're the "Asian Hooters for coffee," according to one of their bikini-wearing tea-pourers.

The bikini bar is nothing new so since the Vietnamese like to drink coffee, play cards and chess, a bikini coffe shop makes perfect sense.


Anh Khoi Do said...

When I read the first lines in my Google Reader, I thought it was a joke. Besides, this appeared in Fox News? Now we see what's considered as news by Fox.

Degenerasian said...

It's Fox local news..every local newscast goes around the city and finds the most ridiculous stories. There's only so much that can happen in one city.

The other day on my local news there was a story about a pet hair salon :)

Roger Williams said...

The local news on Fox affiliates is no more or less inane for its affiliation with Fox than other local newscasts are for their association with their network broadcast partners. TV news in general sucks.

As for Ms. Coffee Wench, minus 20 points for the cheap looking tattoo in her cleavage. I hate that shit. :P