Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Sichuan, Harassment Continues


Source: TIME

The Foreign Correspondents Club of China has troubling news today of three attacks on journalists in the Sichuan earthquake region. What reporters are facing there now in the days before the one-year anniversary of the May 12 disaster pales with what families seeking answers about why their children died in collapsed schools are dealing with, as ngos including Amnesty International and Chinese Human Rights Defenders have documented recently. But the way journalists are being handled in Sichuan now is a clear sign of how sensitive the issue remains one year later.

See the FCCC's full statement with details of the attacks after the jump.


What's left to be reported? What are these journalists doing there? If there's any news the Chinese media will handle it. You know how reporters are.. you go around in those areas asking stupid questions like "DUH, what's it feel like to lose your one and only child"?. "DUH, what's it feel like too see no progress and no schools being built". "DUH, do you feel better today, one year later or does it still linger in your head?"

"DUH, what's it feel like to lose in the first round for the fourth consecutive year!?"

Sorry, I got carried away.

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