Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh No You Didn't...Bitten by a Prostitute?!

Source: eChinaCities

Guys, here is an article for the weary traveler. It’s a topic that doesn’t come up much, but here is a story nevertheless which will make you think a bit more before you act. It’s a subject that we don’t discuss much, but it’s still considered the world’s oldest profession. In case you still aren’t following here guys, it’s prostitution. Despite being illegal in most places in the world, it’s still an issue everywhere. The real problem is that men in general are better able to spot prostitutes in their own countries so as to not end up in unpleasant situations where there was a “misunderstanding.”

In addition, many men, while on vacation, tend to let their guard down a bit. Whereas they might be suspicious of a beautiful woman alone at a bar in their own country, they throw caution to the wind abroad. And let’s face it; most of the time, men have a hard time turning away women, let alone a beautiful bombshell that shows the slightest interest in them. And everyone knows it, there are many absolutely stunning women in Asia with beautiful skin and long flowing hair. You don’t have to be in China more than an hour to realize that many Chinese women are truly beautiful.

So we have a recipe for destruction here; you have some of the most beautiful women these guys on vacation have ever seen, and you have men who are unfamiliar with the country and culture so therefore aren’t suspicious of even the strangest of behaviors. A beautiful woman wants to talk to me? Who is she? Who cares?!


Guys, keep it in your pants and you'll have no problem abroad :)

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