Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ang Lee's 10-minute standing ovation

Source: Yahoo!

Director Ang Lee's English film Taking Woodstock won a standing ovation at its premiere in Cannes on May 16. The film inspired by a true story, is a hot favourite among the 20 films competing for the prestigious Palme d'Or.

Together with the cast and his wife, Lee arrived at the red carpet for the premiere screening of his film at the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival.

The comedy, which recaps the crazy hippie era, received good reviews and great acclamation. The audience stood clapping for almost 10 minutes, boosting the director's confidence in clinching the highest prize at Cannes.

The Palme d'Or is what Lee needs for a complete record of victories at all major film festivals. He has previously won the Golden Lion (Venice Film Festival) in 2005 with Brokeback Mountain and 2007 with Lust, Caution; and the Golden Bear (Berlin Film Festival) in 1993 with The Wedding Banquet and 1996 with Sense and Sensibility.

Nice! That would be like winning the career grand slam! We'll see who the winner is on the weekend!

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