Friday, May 1, 2009

"I found out my husband is gay"


Source: Asiaone

34-year-old ad executive Serena Goh thought she had a good marriage and husband, and had always respected her husband Damien’s privacy. But she never expected to find out his secret. She tells her story to Simply Her.

Their courtship began after they met at a birthday party for a mutual friend. One year later, Damien proposed to Serena during a trip to Hong Kong. Another year later, they were happily married, and friends and family were sure their mariage would last. They were even talking about having children.

When things were going well, Serena told Simply Her that 32-year-old Damien became close to his colleague, Jeremy. As a sales manager, he often travelled for work, and the two soon began travelling together. They would hang out often, chugging beer and watching soccer.

When Damien started sleeping over at Jeremy’s place the night before a work trip, Serena became suspicious. He also refused her offers to pick him up at the airport.

Serena wanted to know why Damien spent so much time with Jeremy, but he told her to “get off his back”. When she enquired about Jeremy’s love life, Damien would flare up, asking if she read his text messages.

But he would apologize later and claimed he loved her.


The article itself doesn't surprise me.

However, the comments on the website are disturbing.

Serena Goh should take a real good look of herself in the mirror. It could be her character that has pushed Damien to react in such manner...he was straight but now....maybe Serena can't provide the things Damien urges for!

You are not born gay. That is a myth propagated by gay activists till it is scitifically proven. Till then it will remain an urban legend/myth. Soon we will have people claiming they are born incestuos, or born with a like for bestiality.

Better still they are born with a thievery gene i.e. he can't control stealing is in his gene. He is born with the likeness of stealing or pickpocketing.

The man who was initially "Straight" can be gay after the marriage which claimed by his wife to be wonderful?!...

If the man was born to be gay, why he marry with a women whom he may causing hurt if his wife know about his secret?!...

Seems pretty easy to read to me. Many gay men I believe had to marry under the pressure of hiding their homesexuality from everyone (even their own parents) and to try and fit into mainstream society. This is a case where a man found another man to love and couldn't resist the urge.

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