Thursday, January 1, 2009

Japan Adds Boobs To Chemistry Books

Source: Akiba Blog

How'd you like to learn from this Chemistry book?

Moe book of humanized elements, " Genso Shuki -Moete Oboeru Kagaku no Kihon-" was out in Akiba on the 2nd. According to the book's information , "the total of 118 symbol of elements became into bishoujo characters! Let's find your favorite character!"


Anonymous said...

I probably would've studied more if this was the case back then!

The Minority Militant said... that's why science is their strength.

Anh Khoi Do said...

I never had a chemistry class in High school, but a little bit of - how to say that subtly - colour in my biology, earth science and physics textbooks, I would've been a little bit more motivated.

DaveG said...

Shinnen Akemashita omedetou gozaimasu! Ha! I got my degree in Biology/Chemistry before they had textbooks like this. And I was teaching biology and chemistry before they had textbooks like this. It would have made both a lot easier! *sigh*

I *do* have a "manual" for a "Pasu-Kon" (personal computer) that is done in manga style. (Although not quite as nicely presented as that shown in your posting for the chemistry book.)

Do you know where one could get this book? Kinokuniya Bookstore, perhaps?

In any case, I'd like to get this book featured on my Chemistry Squidoo lens.

Thanks again for a cool post!

Dave (You can tell I'm inspired!)