Sunday, January 4, 2009

China: Hospital Refuses to Admit 1.4lbs Preterm Baby

Source: Weird Asia News

On December 18, 2008, in Zhu Ma Dian City, China, Yu Lan Zhou’s pregnant daughter-in-law, who was only 7 months pregnant, gave birth to a preterm baby boy in a local clinic.

Born way too early, he weighed only 1.4lbs at delivery and could not breathe properly on his own. The newborn boy’s heartbeat was very weak and his arms and legs were the size of an adult’s fingers.

The clinic suggested that the family take the baby to a hospital for immediate medical attention.

Zhou took her grandson to a local military hospital, but they refused to admit the baby when she could not come up with the required advance payment of 10,000 yuan, about $1,500.

Niiiiiiice. China must be the most capitalistic, money-greedy country in the world now. Not caring for a baby because of $1,500? Disgusting.

Reports indicate that because of the publicity the story had, many people from all over the world offered to send money to cover the medical costs.

The local hospital also agreed to admit the baby on the evening of the 28th, but the weather was too cold to move the fragile baby.

Unfortunately the boy was not strong enough to make it to the hospital and passed away at 4:00 am on the 29th. Reports indicate the boy passed due to lack of oxygen.

So only to save face did China react. People may hate America for it's capitalistic and cut-throat ways but this would never happen there. The baby's life would be saved first and then money would be calculated later. Heck Americans most likely donated to China to help this child that the hospital left for dead. Americans help everyone, even though they sometimes have a messed up way of doing it.

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