Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lunar New Year's Beats

I'm mortified. HIP HOP!? ELECTRONICA!?

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What was that? That's a New Years Song? You listen to that on New Years you'd end up in jail later on in the year! It's sad when Asians overseas take a nice tradition like the Lunar New Year and fuck it up to their own style. Could you imagine a hip hop Silent Night?

We've all heard traditional music before. If you're a youngin' and that's not your style, here's what a modern pop Chinese New Year's song is supposed to sound like.

Artist: Nick Chung
Language: Mandarin

Youtube Link

Aaahh much better. That's a nice beat. New Years is serious business, can't be messing around with it! Now that I've gotten that poison out of my head, I can now enjoy the rest of the year!

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