Friday, August 7, 2009

Love is a battlefield

Source: Ananova

The couple, from Nanjing, are fascinated by anything to do with the military, reports Wuzhou Daily.

"We love war movies especially," said husband Wang Mian, adding that the couple also enjoyed war games.

"War is for peace, and war is for our home, our parents, wife and kids," he added.

The couple persuaded their wedding organisers to wear military uniforms and to take pictures of them in battlefield poses.

First, a gun-wielding Wang was photographed rescuing bride, Tian Houyu, from a shoot-out. Then they were pictured kissing while surrounded by soldiers performing a gunfire salute.

Tian added: "I love my husband. He's my lifelong war pal and companion. If anyone dares to invade our home, we'll fight together to the last moment."

That's very creative! And alot of hard work! It's better than a stupid 2km long train!

It's still too much work for me :)


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Alot of my bloggers is ME :) For now I'm blogging alone.

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