Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Japan Back Then, Japan Now

@IainDelaney sent me this.

Where did it all go wrong?


Roger Williams said...

I guess urban Japanese metrosexuals are too delicate for the rigors of bushido, but manliness is still considered an old fashioned virtue outside the cities. Fishermen, construction workers and other "jikatabi" men are still around to provide contrast to those girlie men (although it remains to be seen if any of them are as badass as Toshirō Mifune).

Anonymous said...

It's wrong in who's standard?


Roger Williams said...

By whose standards? How about Japanese standards? For almost a thousand years, the Japanese standard of stoic masculinity set a standard for the pinnacle of manliness. Now flash forward to 2009, and a generation of nervous, feathered haired "herbivore" wusses tread the same ground.

Somewhere, you can hear a million ghosts muttering about the shame of it all!

Anonymous said...

If this keeps up the ghost of Toshiro Mifune might come back and strangle a few of these guys!

J said...

I was watching a National geographic channel documentary about tattoos, and there was a segment about the full body tattoos that the Yakuza have to endure. Funny thing is they interviewed one of these metrosexual types getting the full body tattoo, even those he wasn't yakuza. In other words, he was a poser.

Anyway, I find it hard to believe that any female other than teenage girls would be attracted to these metrosexual types.

Anonymous said...

Zac Efron, Jonas Brothers have the same girly style, why are they treated more as individuals rather than a culture?

SanFran, Amersterdam, Sydney, New York, Manchester, Athens are amongst the top 10 gay cities of the world. Given the violent history of Europe, I think they would have more ghosts muttering shame than the tiny island of Japan.... and at least these girly Japanese men aren't gay.

The same people that pride themselves of freedom, democracy, and indivuality are certainly quick to blanket judge and label another cultures.

I sometimes question the selection of topics Degenerasian chooses to blog. If it's not about horny Japanese Men grabbing asses in subway trains it's constant articles of girly japanese men oogling anime print pillows.

Are they worthy to procreate? I can't seem to figure what Tracy wants to say about them.

Degenerasian said...

I post about everything.