Monday, August 3, 2009

A Big Fat Pampered PIG!


Li Yuan never thought a pig could bring so much happiness - a laid-back sort that enjoys music, provides company on neighborhood strolls and makes friends easily.

Two years ago, Li bought the piglet from a market in Beijing. The male pig, a Bama miniature, had a short and round body.

Such piglets typically weigh 15 or 20 kg, or 33 to 44 pounds.

It was the pig's certain charm that sealed the sale.

"I found him looking like a lovely baby at my first glance," said Li, patting the pig's now-huge belly. "Oh, my boy, you are destined to meet me."

Told that raising a pig when she was in her 50s could bring good fortune, Li cherished the pig so much she named him Laifu (or "fortune comes").

"Indeed, he brings me good business and a peaceful soul," said Li, who is a merchant.

How it is in China everything is a superstition? So fattening up a PIG to 50 years old bring good fortune. I don't know who will live longer? The owner of the pig!

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Anonymous said...

...and they say Chinese guys don't like "joo pa's"