Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tiger Tamed!

Tiger had never lost when having a share of the 54-hole lead in the Major. It had to happen one day, but when?

It finally happened, and the man is Yong Eun Yang of South Korea. And he won by 3 shots!

He became the first Asian-born player to win a men’s major golf championship.

To think that not only would Tiger lose with a two-shot lead, but lose to the guy playing head-to-head in his group is pretty remarkable. Tiger usually demolishes his playing partner in final rounds.

I believe the thing that got Yang over the top was no fear. Alot of players would be timid and scared of Tiger and the big galleries. After Yang's chip-in Eagle on 14, I wonder how he would play with the lead. Would he play safe, be nervous, be scared.

Not at all. his approaches on 16 and 18 were aimed right at the flag going for birdie. Not playing safe to the middle of the green and playing for par. His only hiccup was the 3-putt on 17 when he showed signs of nerves. BUt Tiger couldn't take advantage.

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Youtube Link


Unknown said...

Hope you made thousands today!!!

Degenerasian said...

Just a few hundred :)

alatus said...

don't watch golf but you make it sound pretty exciting!

Degenerasian said...

It is very exciting! (I've added video).

If you watch a Sunday round there are usually one of two scenarios.

1) A bunch of guys contending for the lead and scores going up and down. Golf is different from other sports because there is more than one ball. There's action going on everywhere.

2) Two guys going ahead of everyone and battling each other like yesterday. When you watch an entire round which takes more than 4 hours, you can see all the great shots and near misses. Tiger missed about 10 putts yesterday.

Unknown said...

haha. Even after that Golf is stilll zzzzzzzzzz. zzzzzz. It's really good background noise for insomnia though.