Thursday, February 5, 2009

Economy Cancels JAL Cabin Crew Calendar

Source: Mark Mode

After 20 years, Japan Airlines has stopped publication of it’s calendars that feature pictures of cabin attendants. The wall and desktops calendars were first offered in 1989 and have been sold in bookstores, on the internet, and in JAL catalogs. Demand peaked in 1993, with about 100,000 copies printed. For 2009, JAL printed 50,000 of the flight attendant photo calendars. JAL cancelled future editions due to the low demand. The status of JAL’s "World of Beauty", "Fleet" and other calendars is unclear. The cabin crew calendar costs JYP 1500.

Weird! I would think that a calendar would make money! Or just charge a bit more for them and those with flight attendant fetish will still buy them. Can't cost that much to make them. I think they should make more not cancel!

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