Monday, February 23, 2009

City forbids bright clothes for public servants

Source: Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) - Public servants in the gritty central Chinese city of Zhengzhou should not sport "unnatural hair styles" or wear clothes that are too colorful, according to new city regulations.

From now on, Zhengzhou city officials should make sure their clothing matches and stay away from bright color schemes, the regulations specify.

Neatness and order are the order of the day.

"Don't just dress any which way," the regulations order.

Zhengzhou, the capital of land-locked Henan province, is better known for its agricultural futures exchange and railway station than for its sense of style.

But no specific breach triggered the latest set of rules, which are "designed to improve the image of our public servants," an official at Zhengzhou's central government office told Reuters on Monday.

Is this like having to wear white at Wimbledon? Is this a class society thing that public servants have wear dark colors and the nobility wear colours? The picture above has some very nice colours in chinese traditional dress?

This would be like people in Pittsburgh only allowed to wear black and gold while people in Washington or New York get to wear colours!

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