Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Edison Chen: Not all photos taken by me

Source: The Straits Times

VANCOUVER - EDISON Chen says he did not take all of the sex photos that set off an online firestorm last year. About 40 of them were shot by one of the Chinese Canadian singer-actor's partners, who was not identified, and given to him on a CD.

This was one of the facts to emerge from the British Columbia hearing on Monday, when Chen gave evidence against Sze Ho Chun, a computer technician accused of stealing the pictures.

Chen's former lovers are expected to be called as witnesses at Sze's Hong Kong trial, which is scheduled for April.

According to Apple Daily, Chen explained why only about 400 pictures were leaked on the Internet. Out of 1,300 stolen photos police showed him on a CD last year, many were repetitions or pictures of daily life that had no market value, he told the court.

Pictures of markets don't sell, only sex sells. This Sze guy was purely evil.
These girls were so nice to Edison. Even taking picture of themselves naked in their free time!

Source: The Toronto Star

VANCOUVER – With his mother by his side and surrounded by burly bodyguards, pop star Edison Chen, whose naked photos were plastered over the Internet, said he wants to move on with his life after a year of unhappiness.

An earnest and solemn Chen, speaking at the end of his court hearing in Vancouver, said the futures of the women affected in the photo scandal, including some of Hong Kong most well-known female stars, are more important to him than anything else.

Just over a year ago, Chen, who was raised in Vancouver, got caught with his pants down - literally. Pictures he had taken over the past few years in intimate poses with female celebrities were posted on the Internet.

Chen, 28, was scheduled to appear over the next five days in a Vancouver courtroom but the hearing ended Tuesday after just a day. Prosecutors and defence lawyers, who had traveled to Vancouver for the hearing in B.C. Supreme Court because Chen refused to return to Hong Kong, finished their questions earlier then expected.

I do hope they jail Sze when the case gets back to Honk Kong and everyone can move on. But I'll find it hard for any of the girls to find work since the roles they used to play were seen as wholesome and innocent.

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