Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tom Cruise to Get 'Lost for Words' with Ziyi

Source: Chienglish

The stalled production of the Hollywood romantic comedy "Lost for Words" might get a jumpstart with the possible addition of Tom Cruise to the cast.

Universal Pictures, which is producing the film, reportedly invited the Hollywood star to step in as the lead to fill the vacancy left by British actor Hugh Grant, according to leading U.S. showbiz magazine 'Variety'.

Grant quit the project last October after a disagreement about the screenplay with Richard Curtis, his longtime partner in previous films and the producer of "Lost for Words." After Grant's departure, Zhang Ziyi, the lead actress in the film, returned to China to shoot another film.

According to media reports, Universal is currently contacting Tom Cruise on the contract.

"Lost for Words" is about a love triangle in which a Hollywood actor falls for his Chinese director after romancing her translator during their making of a film. Susanne Bier, the Danish filmmaker and former Oscar nominee, will direct the movie.

Tom Cruise? Awful! Would have been better with Hugh Grant. I'm not sure Cruise can play a romantic lead anymore. Love Triangle, I wonder who the third guy will be.

Don't like this one. Cruise is just trying to get into the lucrative China market. It'll just be a mail-in performance.

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