Tuesday, February 3, 2009

15 Die in Blaze at a Restaurant in Eastern China

Source: NY Times

SHANGHAI — A fireworks blast set off a blaze in a restaurant and bar in eastern China on Saturday night, killing at least 15 people and injuring at least 22 others, according to state-run news outlets.

Ten people who were celebrating a birthday set off fireworks at their table just before midnight, starting a fire that quickly engulfed the ceiling and then swept through the establishment, a Latin-style restaurant and bar in the city of Changle, according to news reports.

It's sad when kids play with firecrackers and an accident happens and they lose one of their fingers. But grown adults setting off fireworks INDOORS! Darwinism at it's best. I would assume the ringleader of this brilliant idea died as well but if he didn't, HE SHOULD!

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Matthew said...

Supposedly at least 7 of the original group of idiots survived. This what happens when you mix explosives with baijiu.