Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Zebra crossing for lovers

Source: Ananova

Traffic officials in Chengdu came up with the idea for the crossing which features two hearts and the message in English: "I love you", reports the Tianfu Morning Post.

A spokesman said the local traffic bureau wanted to give the crossing a romantic atmosphere because it was close to the Hejiang Pavilion, a popular dating venue for young couples.

"We want to make everybody who walks on it feel warmth and love from others," said the spokesman, adding that it was believed to be the first crossing of its kind in the whole country.

"We have two wishes - one, that all who walk on it experience long-lasting love and, two, that they obey traffic rules and cross safely."

Tourist Liang Xuemei, from Hainan, asked her friend to pull over and take pictures after spotting the crossing during a tour of the city: "It looks very welcoming," she said.

Living here in the "west" sometimes we forget little things like this. In our hectic lifestyle, we sometimes forget to take romantic walks and spend time with our lover.

But walking across a painted crosswalk? Neat idea but in the wrong place. Needs to be in a park or a lake. A nicer romantic place rather than walking across the street, holding hands, looking into each other eyes and dodging CARS!

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