Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gillian Chung is coming back

Source: Yahoo

Gillian Chung, whose career was badly affected by the outburst of sex photo scandal involving Edison Chen last year, will be resuming work next month by starting on movie and commercial shoots. Chung may also be answering a talk show invite where she will reveal her life and emotions after the scandal in the past year.

Her first strike back into showbiz will be James Yuen's new movie, where the role as a third party in a relationship is said to be "made-to-measure" for her. Her partner in girl group, Twins, Charlene Choi will cast as the "official girlfriend" in the love triangle. According to Hong Kong media reports, CEO of Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), Albert Yeung, has invited Andy Lau, who has a healthy image, to "shield" Chung in a successful return, by casting together in several movies.

Some people have all the luck eh? Be the main player in a scandal and still get rescued by everyone. Don't you wish you were this lucky?

What do you all think? She's fairly cute but nothing special that you'd die without her. She can't really sing without a partner. She can't really act in the few roles that she's been in. She can't act without Charlene Choi who can act alone.

How does she comes back after this scandal? Her entire image is the squeaky clean girl. Can she play a villain? Can she play a femme fatal? Can she play a role that a younger actress out of film school can't play? Cause if they cast her again as the innocent cutie-pie girl then it's just be embarrassing.

She's very ordinary. So she's going to go on a show like "Oprah" and cry. Some people may feel sorry for her but most will always be reminded of those sex pictures whenever they see her in commercials. Especially the older generation.

If it was a more famous person like Gong Li or Zhang Ziyi or Maggie Q then the world would welcome a comeback from unfortunate circumstances. But Gillian is nobody. I think it's a big mistake by these film companies and there will be a backlash.


Roger Williams said...

What do you all think?

I think Edison Chen must have had an absolutely fantastic time, that's what I think.

Anonymous said...

While very cute, Gillian Chung isn't half as hot as Tracy ;-)

Anonymous said...

gillian chung should not blame edison for anything
he is as much a victim as they are. people seems to
forget that he did not post the photos but someone
illegally stole the images and put them up. now the
girls are just trying to make a come-back by trashing
edison. they forgot that the photos were taken with
mutual agreement. it is not like they were being forced
just stop the crap. why is everyone trasing edison ?
what did he do wrong except being ignorant in how
to protect information stored on the computer but he is not alone, most of us don't know !!!

Degenerasian said...

Completely agree. But people still feel sorry for the girls!