Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kid torches his own house, OVER GUNDAM

Source: Yahoo

A Japanese man has admitted to burning down his family home after his mother threw away some of his favourite robot toys from the "Gundam" animation series.

Yoshifumi Takabe, aged 30 and living with his mother, said he had become suicidal after she dumped some of the robots, of which he had enough to fill 300 boxes stacked to the ceiling, the Sports Nippon said Wednesday.

The blaze on August 9 last year completely destroyed their two-storey wooden house in Kasai, Hyogo prefecture, but no one was injured.

"The Gundam figures are like the partners I spend my life with," he reportedly said after pleading guilty at western Kobe's District Court. "I wanted to die with them in a fire if they were to be thrown out."

The Mobile Suit Gundam series, based on an animation TV series which started in the late 1970s, is about space wars fought by gigantic robots.

I won't totally blame the kid here. Parents just can't just ignore things and let it get out of control. 300 boxes! Obviously he like Gundam! Perhaps mom should have said something at 50 boxes? 100 boxes? If it's a concern, put a stop to it. It's been 30 years! At this point, it's too late and drastic actions will result in drastic responses.


PerryPie said...

I think if my mom had thrown away some of my nail polish, I'd be pissed as hell, but I wouldn't burn down the house or become suicidal.

Degenerasian said...

This is my point. If your mom was against you getting nail polish she would have stopped you, or at least slow you down, at a younger age like under 18. She can't just throw all your stuff out NOW!

Does your mom ever nag you about buying too much?

edwardelricfanXD said...

This is too extreme. Why would you burn down the house over a Gundam toy? I would be mad if my mom throw out my manga collection, but I won't burn down the house...

Degenerasian said...

You never know with kids (although this guy is older now). We've heard all the stories. Kids have killed their parents over less.