Thursday, August 19, 2010

Japanese Girls and The First Pitch

You've all been to a baseball game and usually they trot out some celebrity to throw out the first pitch.

In Japan alot of the time, it's a hawt music star.

But even though it's just one pitch for fun, it's taken quite seriously and the girls practice as best they can. One has to have good posture and technique to throw a ball 60 feet.

So here are some examples.

We'll start with BoA

Not good technique, not enough leg kick and spun to fast, ball goes left.

Next is Ueto Aya

Again, too quick and fast hip turn causing the ball to go left.
At least the mascots are CUTE!

Here is Aki Hoshino

and.. well...nobody's watching the ball here.

on we go..

You see all these girls failed cause they had the incorrect technique.
This is how it's done, like a real pitcher.

First is Maki Horikita

That's good form, hands raised high in the air, leg kick, even a delay and ... just a bit short but pretty good!

Here's Figure Skating World Champion Miki Ando

Again, arms raised over the head, a leg kick and a delay. Very nice strike!

Next is Kwon Yuri

Woohoo sidewinder! Almost a strike.

But the best one BY FAR is...Lee Jung Hyun

I almost died laughing seeing that pose, and the pitch was perfect too!

So that's the trick. Get into a set position, arms raised high in the air, legkick, delay and throw.


awildermode said...

So, when can we expect you to throw out the first pitch at a Vipers game?

Degenerasian said...

You'd have to give me a month's practice!

Russ Nelson said...

You're right ... I wasn't looking at the ball.