Saturday, July 31, 2010

LPGA -- eewwww!

LPGA has long been in decline because it doesn't have a Tiger Woods, a star that will the casual fan to tune in. Some have blamed the million Koreans that are now on tour making Americans not watch. I tend to agree with this. People tune out not because the players are Korean but because there is no dominant Korean. In the days of Se-Ri Pak she was the one dominant Korean and was very popular as she battled the like of Sorenstam and Webb week after week.

But now, one week it's In-Young Kim, another week it's Song-Hee Kim, another week Jee-Young Lee? Have I lost you? I don't blame you, I've forgotten their names already too.

So now the LPGA has hope! There's a new star from Taiwan who will beat these Koreans.
Yani Tseng has a big lead at the British Open which would mean her 2nd major title of the season. She is apparently Sorenstam's understudy and is looking to dominate. Finally a star to rise to the top. There's one problem though. She looks like a fucking dude! LPGA can't market that!

Not good, this might be the death of the LPGA is this dude keeps winning.

Michelle!! Where are you? Get your act together!

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