Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Watch where you put that chopstick!

Li Jingchao learned the hard way -- be careful what you stick up your nose.

The 14-month-old little boy was playing with chopsticks, when his doctor says he fell, with one of the sticks piercing his nose.

"It touched upon the deep area of his brain, four centimeters of the chopstick was inside his skull" Doctor Sun Wei told CNN.

Jingchao's mother, Zhao Guilu didn't see what happened -- she was in another room at the time, but came running when she heard her son crying.

"I was washing dishes... I rushed in and saw him lying on the ground. He couldn't stop crying and I noticed a chopstick stuck in his nose."

She went to a local clinic, but doctors there warned her it was too dangerous to try and remove the chopstick because it may cause massive bleeding. Zhao was frantic and called her husband. A relative offered to drive them from their small village, hundreds of miles to a hospital in Beijing.

That mom is smart. I probably would have just yanked the chopstick out of his nose instead of going to the doctor.

I'm not fit to be a mom huhuhuhuhuhu.

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