Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chinese police cancel Mr. Gay China pageant

Beijing police cancel China's first gay pageant from Janek Zdzarski on Vimeo.

The Mr. Gay China pageant has been canceled by police in Beijing
, thus scuttling China's chances at winning the presumably prestigious Mr. Gay Worldwide title in Norway. Given China's state sponsorship of other competitive events like the Olympics, you would think they'd give the fellas a little support?

Why did The Man come down on, er, The Men? "It's sensitive" - a catchall phrase that describes everything in China from Taiwan and Tibet to heroin addiction and AIDS.

Anyways, kudos to the participants for speaking frankly about their disappointment, but what the hell is up with the dude wearing a leather thong swimsuit five sizes too small for him? Does he turn into the Hulk onstage or something to fill it out? I'll never get these things.


Newsy.com provides some social context (thanks to Rosa Sow):

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