Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Japanese women into cosplay?

Via Sankaku Complex (I know, I know ...) comes news that 30% of women in Japan have either tried cosplay, or are interested in trying it. The article goes onto break down the numbers even further, by saying 17.5% listed "anime and manga" as their primary interest, followed by 14.7% listing kigurumi as their primary interest, and finally, "maid and waitress" and military uniforms rounding it out (entire article here).

Since I regard cosplay with a special form of horror reserved for normal people, I'd be interested in hearing from the fans on this one, especially women. What's the allure? Anyone?


Tokyogodfather said...

Cosplay in Japan has an element of the erotic, and is also used as a form of foreplay. I used to do a podcast called "Anime for the Lazyman" on a site called (now gone.) We devoted 2 episodes to talking to Japanese women about the difference between dressing up for Halloween (good clean fun) and Cosplay (erotic role-playing.)

So when women say that they are interested in it, its like an American woman saying she's thought about wearing fishnet stockings...its about feeling sexy, becoming the object of another's gaze, and a (misguided?) sense of empowerment.

Roger Williams said...

Interesting, insofar as the Japanese have clearly stretched the boundaries on costuming as erotic display beyond what Western culture has deemed normal, prudent, or even rational.

I know one woman who expressed an interest in it, although she'd deny it to hell and back if I ever dared reveal her identity now!

Degenerasian said...

I will always deny liking cosplay!

moohammed said...

Every woman should dress as the french maid.

Man should try at least once too.

Rowbutt said...

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