Monday, September 14, 2009

Under The Knife in China

Want to see an extremely superficial place where billion of people compete with each other in looks? Welcome to China.

That Wang Lei guy is still bad looking even with the surgery.

That Fan Wenting girl? Her face isn't the problem, look at that hair, yikes!

So if you're at work and there's a fat ugly chick in a cubicle near you that pisses you off (there's always one) just realize that if you were in China, she wouldn't be there.


Degenerasian said...

Not as much. Looking at the numbers plastic surgery, especially for men, is much higher in Asia.

Getting facial plastic surgery for getting a job is quite disturbing.

Bella said...

in my opinion, it's more distrubing that Asian's want to be more White. The "colour" of beauty.

Degenerasian said...

Yes Bella. It's really disturbing when hiring managers who are Chinese will hire the person that looks the least Chinese.

Troy S said...

Lovely bllog you have