Monday, September 14, 2009

Wonder Girls Getting Disrespected in America?


Photos of the Wonder Girls signing autographs for a fan in America have recently made their way into Korean cyberspace, making Korean Wonderfuls very angry.

The photos which were uploaded on the 18th of last month (August), were taken after the Wonder Girls had a fan signing event after performing in the Jonas Brothers concert. The photos made Korean Wonderfuls really angry which showed Sohee and Yubin, reaching over the table to sign on a worn sneaker of a fan who had placed it on the table. They felt that this was a mark of disrespect to the Wonder Girls.

Fans chided this particular American fan saying that even though the Wonder Girls weren't that famous yet in America, they shouldn't be subjected to this sort of humilation. Another felt that the Wonder Girls shouldn't have signed for this fan in this manner in the first place. Many fans felt really sorry for the Wonder Girls and sincerely hope that the Wonder Girls will soon gain a foothold in America with their songs.

This is a cultural difference that's tough to understand. I know that in Asia, shoes and underwear are considered extremely dirty. But the Wonder Girls are in America now. Korean fans seriously need to suck it up and not get so angry over small things like this. Signing shoes, shirts, and even body parts are what Americans do. If you're famous here in America and someone wants your signature on a shirt, why of course, you give it to them. Stop turning such stupid little acts into big ones.

For those who don't know, shoes are a big deal here in America. People will spend an entire month's wage on shoes and for children. It's a sign of status, so having someone famous sign your shoe is HUGE.

I recalled Cristiano Ronaldo was in Toronto in August and he signed a girl's belly button. I'm not sure she has showered yet.


Unknown said...

They sure dont' look like wonder girls from the rear view. hehe

Roger Williams said...

As they say, si fueris Rōmae, Rōmānō vīvitō mōre - si fueris alibī, vīvitō sicut ibi.

Anonymous said...

But it's ok for Richard Gear to kiss Shilpa Shetty in Mumbai even though Indian culture frowns on public displays of affection.

Degenerasian said...

No it's not ok for Richard Gere for kiss Shilpa Shetty in India. I don't think it is.

Roger Williams said...

You didn't hear me saying Richard Gere's stunt was OK. You just presumed it for some reason.