Thursday, September 16, 2010

Motion sensors, 3-D games grab limelight at Tokyo Game Show

Source: Japan Times

Japan's biggest video game show kicked off Thursday at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, with motion-sensor game systems and three-dimensional display images drawing the most attention.

At the four-day Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Microsoft Corp. presented game systems that let users control the action with their entire bodies, in an apparent response to Nintendo's Wii hand-held motion-sensor controller.

At the Sony booth, many tried out a wireless remote controller, PlayStation Move, that detects the user's movements via both a hand-held sensor and a camera.

PS Move, which is played on the PlayStation 3, enables users to "get in the space of the video game and play intuitively," said Hiroshi Kawano, SCE Japan president, who added that Sony aims to attract novice gamers. The controller goes on sale in October.

Microsoft Corp. is also stealing the limelight with its newest motion control system, called Kinect, for the firm's Xbox 360 game console. The system goes on sale in November.

Unlike Wii and PS Move, the Kinect sensor system for the Xbox 360 machine doesn't require a hand-held controller. A camera, depth sensor and multiarray microphone set up in front of the users detect the movements and location of the players, and match the characters' actions in the video game.

So I went onto youtube and found some trailers for new games.
I won't embed them as it will reduce the quality of game in the small space that I have here. So here are the links. Which games do you like?

Michael Jackson: The Experience

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Grand Turismo 5

EA Sports MMA

MegaMan Universe

Resident Evil 5

Final Fantasy XIV

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows

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