Sunday, September 12, 2010

Football Brawl: Beijing Guo An vs. Singapore Young Lions

Last night at the Jalan Besar stadium during a Singapore Professional Football League match, a player brawl incident between both the Beijing Guo An team and the Young Lions team occurred, causing the game to be ended by the referee. The Football Association of Singapore has already gotten involved, initiating an investigation into this rare incident of violence on the pitch.

This is the first brawl between players to occur this year in the Singapore League. At the 89th minute of last night’s match between the Beijing Guo An team and Young Lions, for unknown reasons, the two sides suddenly clashed.

Seemed innocent enough at first then out of control.

Of course it's the refs fault, absolutely clueless. Watch the tackle at 1:52. The ref rushes up and gives a YELLOW CARD! SO stupid. He should have gave out red cards at the beginning of the video and none of this would have happened.


awildermode said...

are they allowed to use their hands in fights?

Degenerasian said...

Yes but it would be a slap, not a punch :P